All The Men I Love Are Dead

by The Heads are Zeros

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered during the winter of 2014 with Matt Redenbo at Little Lamplight Studios in Baltimore, MD. Produced by The Heads are Zeros and Matt Redenbo. The Heads are Zeros is David Gill, Libby Henry, and Mike Barth.


released March 10, 2014

Olivia Henry - Vocals
David Gill - Guitar, Bass
Mike Barth - Drums, Vocals



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The Heads are Zeros Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore grind outfit The Heads are Zeros coalesced from the remains of the members' previous projects in 2013. Their extremely loud and fast music has won the hearts of tens, perhaps dozens, of people since.

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Track Name: White Gown
I know where I am going but it moves for ever farther away from me. Where I am I shouldn't be. Take off your white gown. wash these bones in the sea. If we ever wake once more. Wash these bones in the sea. Oh how your hair has grown since we first met. One back arched to the shining sky, two hands to pick through the rubble, two eyes to view the flames. Sound. sound the alarm the rain is here. Tell the tale of how we fall.
Track Name: The Closest Spring
We are the borrowers we are the collectors. finding the pieces to find a whole. Hold your step watch your breath. My hands stretch higher than your head hangs low. The purest form of you is under water. my hands stretch higher than your head hangs low. Jump in the spring and find your self a new home.
Track Name: Rebirth
In that haunted bell tower where we lay and when I heard that piano play. I'm always alive with you. Can we find comfort stitched in uncertain pleasure in unknown. Can you find the wind in your hair? Beg Begging not yet. Beg begging not yet. This gift I will not be given by my own hand. I am not selfish. Nor will it be my pleasure. Take my life, take my hand. With so much more sin to endure.
Track Name: Empty Tunnels
I swear the wind howled so violently that night. I swear I heard it playing through your bones and it played the most addicting melody. I swear I could see the spires dance in the light of the moon. I turned to look at you and you were gone. I fell behind but i'll catch up I always do. I left my promise of you in the last snow fall of the season.
Track Name: Your Footsteps Will Be Washed Away
Scream with your eyes closed. scream with your eyes closed so you can only hear the hell. oh hell its not that bad. We saved the wrappings from your wounds so at all the right times we will grow. we will grow. and we buried the wrappings in the sand so your followers can find you. You better count the stars not your silver pennies. for the soil will consume you soon. You have no hope, only dry skies. You'll have nothing to put over your eyes, and your wealth is no good here. Know what youre worth? nothing.. know what you'll aquire? debt.